After all most 30 years in this industry,
This is my vision for your store.

Michael Ninn ~ Founder Neo Sensual

Neo At Your Store

Discover Neo Sensual’s lovingly developed Bath, Bed & Body intimate products that overflow with luxury and beauty.

Neo Sensual created each product to capture the imagination and provide a delightful escape into a sensual world. From the most intricate packaging details to our luxurious formulations & exquisite fragrances, each element has been carefully imagined.

Neo Sensual’s intimate products are beautifully balanced in design, fragrance, and formulation. Featuring best-selling products like perfume, body creams, bath bombs, candles, and even greeting cards and gift sets – there’s something for everyone, whether you gift to others or indulge yourself.

Creating products to capture the imagination and provide an artful sensual experience… Neo Sensual continues to charm customers and the Press alike with beautiful, well-thought-out treasures to fall in love with.

Awaken your imagination and escape to the sensual world of Neo Sensual Bed & Bath.


These displays can be configured with glass tops.
They are also self-lighting.

Pheromone infused diffusers

Bath Dust
Four Different Scents

Shot Glass Massage Candles

Glides & Massage


Shot Glass Massage Candles
Our number one selling product ~ Cobranding available


Use our imagery!
To promote your store’s biggest holiday.

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Joey Wilson ~ Domestic sales
Ph: 805.229.9905

Val Tolman~ International sales
Ph: 310.384.1494

Michael Ninn ~ Founder
Ph: 818.282.6815