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Using only the purest natural ingredients, Neo Sensual’s soothing massage candles are formulated with beeswax, soybean, and coconut oil, as well as skin soothing vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to smooth both the body and the soul. When melted, Neo Sensual’s soothing massage candles lavish your body with the finest vanilla sandalwood-scented massage oil, leaving your skin nourished and sensually scented.

24K Gold Leaf Flakes,
This candle/shot glass set is decorated with 24K gold rim
and gold foil-filled bottom.
Luxurious and gorgeous.




Light the wick and melt the candle.
Once warm (and not hot) gently pour the melted oil onto the skin and massage, letting the sensual oils lead the way into a passionate adventure.


But, wait! You’re not done just yet!
The Celebration:
Save the candle vessels and fill out the enclosed promissory invitation card in anticipation of celebrating your next sensual encounter. Pop a bottle of your favorite bubbly or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, a fine adult spirit, remember that special evening and toast to a new sensual experience.



  • 【24K Gold Leaf Flakes, ONE OF A KIND】This shot glass set is decorated with 24K gold rim, and the bottom is filled with gold foil, luxurious and gorgeous. The gold rims are handmade by skilled craftsmen, pursuing perfection. The design concept of this set is to be unique and extravagant.

  • 【Made of Superior Crystal, Both Enjoyment of Visual and Taste】This set is made of high-grade crystal glass, heavy and textured. Every piece is well-crafted to ensure durability and longevity. The clear glass also gives a beautiful visual enjoyment when you are enjoying your wine. It can also be used as a decorative piece in your wine cabinet or living room.
  • 【Focus on Details for Your Better Feelings】The small cups feels smooth and advanced. Perfectly curved line design, in line with the visual aesthetic and the size of the hand. Cups are heavy enough to avoid tipping. It is cadmium-free and lead-free, and has passed SGS, MSDS test. You can use it with assurance. We care about every detail to give you a different experience of drinking.
  • 【The First Choice for Gifts】This luxury set includes 6 cups (1.5oz). Perfect for sharing a drink with someone special at the end of a long day. And your friends and family will be amazed by this set. It’s also a great gift for Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas. NOTICE: Since it is manually blown, the specific capacity may vary slightly.


Make Sure You Sign And Date The Enclosed Celebrating Card.

Skin so perfect I’m afraid to touch
This is a place where nothing is rushed.
Curves so sensual, it aches too, please.
Your wordless breath gives me a sense of ease.

Can I know every inch of you? As your body reaches up to mine.
Can we speak without talking? As we become one with time.
I feel the sunset inside your skin
Whispering sweet surrender as I tell you my sins.
Your body intertwines with mine, with no beginning or end.
No sunlight between us, as one we shall bend.

Additional information

Weight 17.3 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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