We are committed to supplying healthcare practitioners and their patients with potent, high-quality nutritional supplements. Our formulas contain natural, raw ingredients that have been traditionally used to support overall health and well-being for centuries.

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Our goal at NEO Sensual is to create an unparalleled culture of authenticity. We offer the highest quality nutritional supplements, formulated from the purest raw ingredients.

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We offer an evolving collection of potent, high-quality nutritional supplements selected by our naturopathic and medical advisors.

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We foster a proactive approach to optimal health by collaborating with healthcare practitioners to provide our customers with the most current educational resources available.

Sex CBD Tincture 30ML
1000mg NANO CBD

Caly Tincture – Sex (1000 mg of CBD)

Increase intimacy and prolong arousal with CalyFx’s custom blend of Terpenes and Full Spectrum CBD, CBN & CBG oil. Designed to enhance your sexual experience and release your inhibitions.
*Customers have reported increased sensitivity to touch and increased feelings of closeness to loved ones.

Endurance CBD Tincture 30ML
1000mg NANO CBD

Caly Tincture – Endurance (1000 mg of CBD)

Feel the invigorating sensation of Neo’s custom blend of Terpenes and Full Spectrum CBD, CBN & CBG oil. Specifically designed for instant, non-jittery energy and mood elevation. Improve focus, concentration, and physical performance.

The Apothecary ~ Build Your Tincture


Why You’ll Love It

You are unique. We at NEO Sensual Care, think that your Tincture should be as one-of-a-kind as you are and custom fit to represent your individual preferences and personality. Our mission is making Tinctures truly unique! Our commitment to you is to exceed your expectations by helping you create your very own, unique Neo Sensual product. Additionally, our expert designers are available to answer your questions and assist you regarding the composition of different potencies, their origin, quality, and the characteristics of the naturally extracted components.
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